Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Advantages of the Flo-Free* Leaf Guard?

  • Flo-Free Leaf Guard leaves 100% of the top mouth of the gutter open to accept rain water (that’s the top 5” of the gutter).  This means that it allows the gutter to continue accepting water even in the heaviest of rainfalls.  
  • Flo-Free Leaf Guard is virtually unnoticeable when looking at your home after the installation. This is ideal for condominium communities.
  • Flo-Free Leaf Guard is easy to install and lasts the lifetime of your gutters. Very cost effective.
  • Flo-Free Leaf Guard allows maximum ‘vertical and horizontal’ water flow through your gutter system. That alone makes Flo-Free Leaf Guard the obvious choice.
  • Flo-Free Leaf Guard protects against birds and bees, mosquitos, squirrels and seagulls. That’s a blessing in disguise.
  • Flo-Free Leaf Guard adds value to your home. It becomes an asset to your property.
  • Flo-Free Leaf Guard is available for all gutter sizes.
  • Flo-Free Leaf Guard is very light weight and will not retain moisture. Unlike foam products that retain moisture and add unwanted weight to the gutter system.
  • Flo-Free Leaf Guard protects your gutters from heavy snow accumulation. That’s all-season Gutter Protection at its best!  (back to top)

Why do you have to caulk the Flo-Free in to the gutter?

When installing the Flo-Free Leaf Guard, we ask that you seal it in to the gutter with the custom Ultraseal Adhesive we provide you.  This will give the Flo-Free product the longevity to last the lifetime of your gutters and to go along with the lifetime limited warranty.  This will completely seal the Flo-Free to keep out leaves, debris, animals, & bees from entering into the gutter.  The adhesive also prevents the Flo-Free from getting dislodged due to animals, heavy snow load, heavy winds, large sticks or heavy snow sitting on top.  In addition, when you seal the Flo-Free in to the gutter, it prevents any expansion or contraction throughout the seasons, so the Flo-Free performs to its fullest all year round.  This has helped Flo-Free keep working successfully in gutters since 1989.(back to top)


What is Flo-Free* Leaf Guard?
Flo-Free Leaf Guard is a gutter protection product that secures 100% to the inside of your gutter. The product does not affect the roof shingles or your roof shingle warranty, unlike other gutter protection products that attach through the roof surface. Flo-Free Leaf Guard is made of strong, durable, ¾ inch thick, black industrial-strength nylon with built in UV protection from the sun’s solar rays. The product also has a smooth, slick, non-stick top surface that prevents anything from adhering to it. Plus, the product comes with a Lifetime Warranty. What’s more, it can handle all amounts of rain water coming off your roof. It has unlimited ‘horizontal and vertical’ water flow capabilities because only 4% of the gutter’s original capacity is affected by the product inside the gutter. That’s great news for those areas experiencing huge downpours of rain at any one time. The product does not retain additional moisture as water passes through the matrix, unlike some foam products. That makes Flo-Free Leaf Guard the obvious choice in gutter protection.
How does Flo-Free* Leaf Guard work?
Flo-Free Leaf Guard works by keeping leaves, debris, snow and sleet out of your gutters. This allows the natural flow of rain water to run directly into the top of the gutter (vertical) and horizontally through your gutters at ‘maximum’ capacity. The product is designed to ‘see’ through the nylon matrix. This allows heat, air flow and sunlight to penetrate the gutter system and allows rain water to be filtered through. The unwanted debris sheds to the ground while the rain water flows through your protected gutter system. In addition the sunlight, heat and free flow of air completely dries the gutter system quickly and naturally. (back to top)

Does Flo-Free Leaf Guard Handle Downpours of Rain?
Absolutely and proven successful since 1989. Flo-Free Leaf Guard is very strong and porous allowing the entire gutter top to remain capable of handling any amount of rainwater. The industrial strength nylon material actually helps to draw the water into the gutter system like a water magnet because of the inherent properties of nylon. And because the interior of the gutter system remains over 95% open, large amounts of rain water can flow horizontally across the gutter system and down your spouts. Flo-Free is extremely popular in states that get hit hard with lots of snow and rain because it is able to handle all that water. (back to top)

Trimming Flo-Free Leaf Guard
Flo-Free Leaf Guard comes pre-sized from our factory to fit your homes gutter system. When installing the product using a standard set of household scissors is all that is needed to cut for the brackets and making end cuts and corner cuts. It’s that simple and your contractor will love installing the Flo-Free Leaf Guard. (back to top)
Metal and Slate Roofs
Ensure that ice cleats are used on metal and slate roofs because gutters can get damaged from heavy snow and ice sliding off the roof and across your gutter system.  Also the ice cleats prevent health hazards from falling ice chunks and snow slides from these types of roofs. For the safety of plants, shrubs and even human beings, please ensure ice cleats are used in these situations. (back to top)
Copper Gutters
Flo-Free Leaf Guard is one of the few gutter protection products that can be used with copper gutters because of the chemical reaction of metal systems with the copper. Because of the industrial strength nylon, copper gutters will not chemically react to this material as designed by our engineers. It is safe to use Flo-Free Leaf Guards in copper gutters. (back to top)

Will Flo-Free work in the Winter?

Yes and since 1989 the product has proven itself throughout New England and the upper Mid-Atlantic regions. Flo-Free Leaf Guard withstands the weight of ice, snow and sleet in any accumulated amounts. Snow will sit on top of the Flo-Free, keeping the snow out of the gutter. Snow build up in your gutters is a leading cause of ice dams in the winter. In addition to the strength of the Flo-Free Leaf Guard, the black nylon product absorbs heat from the winter sun and atmosphere which in turn promotes rapid melting at the gutter. As the melting occurs the water flows under the snow sitting on top of the Flo-Free Leaf Guard, through the empty gutter system and to the downspout. Also, the Flo-Free Leaf Guard is freeze/ thaw stable and will not crack or get damaged from the winter cold weather. (back to top)

Homeowner Associations, Adult Communities & Condominium Complexes Using Flo-Free Leaf Guard
This is ‘Great News’ for those that live in communities that have rules on the exterior look or appearance of your home. Once Flo-Free Leaf Guard is installed, it is virtually invisible from the street. Most Homeowner Associations, Adult Communities, etc. allow the installation of Flo-Free Leaf Guard on individual units because the product is not seen from the street. (back to top)

What lengths Does Flo-Free Leaf Guard come in?
Flo-Free Leaf Guard comes in 3 foot lengths to make it very easy and safe for installation from your ladder. The factory ends of the product interlock when butted together and become virtually invisible. Flo-Free Leaf Guard is available at many Roofing Suppliers and Building Centers across America. (back to top)

How do I measure my gutters?
Measure horizontally from the back of the gutter to the front top edge of the gutter. Standard 5-K or 5-Round gutters should be about 5” and standard 6-K or 6-Round gutters should be about 6” at this point. If it is a custom gutter and not a K-style gutter you should send measurements to DCI Products to find out what size is best for your application requirements. Please call for details.(back to top)

Where Can I Buy Flo-Free Leaf Guard?
Flo-Free Leaf Guards are available from many all building centers and roofing supply centers. For a complete list of suppliers please call our factory at 1-800-622-4455.

Is Flo-Free Available for All Size Gutters?
Yes. Flo-Free Leaf Guard is made for 5-K, 6-K, 5-Round, 6-Round which is available as a stock product. Custom gutter sizes are available upon request. (back to top)

Will Flo-Free Leaf Guard last for years?
Absolutely. Flo-Free Leaf Guard is very durable and has been on the market since 1989. The product comes with a lifetime warranty.  The industrial strength nylon is similar to nylon used in the automotive business and the carbon black additive ensures that the product stands up to the UV rays from the sun. Also, the Flo-Free Leaf Guard is environmentally friendly for your plants and shrubbery when using rain water as irrigation or for a cistern water system. (back to top)

Is Flo-Free Leaf Guard Strong?
Yes. Flo-Free Leaf Guard is ¾” thick, industrial strength nylon with a smooth, non-stick, upper exterior protective layer bonded to the ¾” sub-surface. Once installed it has a dome effect, which builds strength along the top of the product and works with the proprietary design to shed leaves and debris.  The industrial strength nylon matrix is supported to the back of the gutter, resting on the bottom, for added strength. Backed by the Lifetime Warranty makes Flo-Free Leaf Guard the obvious choice for gutter protection. (back to top)