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Flo-Free Leaf Guard before and after images

A few testimonials from our customers

"My husband was a contractor.  He saw many different kinds of gutter guards.  Most do not handle pine needles well.  When we built our retirement home we did not put up gutter guards until we found the flo-free leaf guards.  Still a little skeptical, we purchased enough to do half of our home.  We waited for three months and hurricane season to see the results.  Phenomenal!! No leaves in the gutter.  No pine needles.  They are washed away by the rain.  No overflowing gutters.  I just ordered more flo-free leaf guards for the rest of our home.  Cleaning gutters is one chore we can cross off the list.  A product that does what it promises.
Good job~ Al and Dottie Burger

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I installed the guards on all the gutters in the condominium community in which I live. It has been 5 years and we have not encountered any problems.  Living in Michigan, winters can be hard on gutters and roofs.  The Flo-Free Leaf Guard system helps reduce ice build-up, which is an added benefit.  In the spring the maple tree and oak tree seeds are no longer a problem and the leaves in the fall are not a worry any longer. ~Bayou Condo Association

Installation images from a Flo-Free Customer