Flo-Free Leaf Guard the #1 Gutter Protection on the MarketSmartVent Attic Ventilation
SmartRidge I Attic Exhaust Ventilation
SmartRidge Attic Exhaust Ventilation
US RoofVent Intake Ventilation
RafterVent Cross Ventilation for skylights and other obstacles
FaciaVent for Low Slope and Metal Roofs
Cedarvent for Cross Ventilation

ValleyVent for venting around obstructions

RevealTape shingle layout tools for multiple crews

Hip Roof Ventilation

Step 1

Hip vents get ‘wafer’ cuts of 12” with 6” solid plywood intervals

Step 2

A full 4’ sheet with wafer cuts showing top and bottom uncut for 6” to gain cross strength.

Step 3

Another wafer cut picture showing 3 ½ “ overall cut (1 ¾ “ each side)

Step 4

Wafer cut showing two nails per uncut section (6” uncut, 12” wafer cut)

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