SmartVent Off-Peak / Firewall Application

SmartVent Off-Peak / Firewall Application


When to Use SmartVent as an Off-Peak ExhaustSmartVent Off-Peak / Firewall Application

SmartVent addresses the issue of trying to ventilate a unit that is sealed by a firewall. In normal conditions a ridge vent would be ideal, but when you need to ventilate without breaching the firewall, you need SmartVent.

SmartVent allows you to complete your ventilation by using an off-peak application which maintains the integrity of the unit. To provide perfect balance in your ventilation system SmartVent should be used as both intake and exhaust providing an optimum 9NFA/ft on each side.

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 SmartVent by DCI has received an evaluation approval from the Intenational Code Council, Approved by the Texas department of Insurance and passed a wide array of field and lab testing

What is SmartVent?

SmartVent is a tapered, under shingle plastic product designed for installation
along the soffit edge of the roof or the facing edge of dormer rakes and goes virtually unnoticed. It allows air to
flow freely through the 1″ roof decking slit providing more than adequate soffit ventilation to maximize ridge
vent effectiveness. This is extremely important since most ridge vent products require an equal amount of ventilation at the soffit in
order to work properly. SmartVent, when used at both soffits, has a total NFA rating of 18 sq. in. per foot(or 9 sq. in. per foot on each side of a standard gable roof).

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Most houses with ridge vents do not have the proper soffit ventilation required because attic insulation blocks the
soffit vents. SmartVent allows cooler air to enter under the shingle, through the 1″ roof slit and out the ridge
vent providing superior air flow and attic cooling.

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