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BattenVent Multi-Purpose Ventilation
for Roofing & Siding



Cross ventilation with RafterVent

BattenVent provides cross ventilation between rafter bays.


What is BattenVent?

BattenVents are made of top quality, rigid, polyethylene plastic that are various sizes in thickness and width including the popular 2-3/8” wide X 3/8” thick X 37” long size for maximum on the job installation flexibility. BattenVents allow air to travel in all directions behind the surfaces through the built-in corrugated air channels that connect the air passages behind the siding or other building materials. This allows the walls or roof system to dry out the materials within, preventing moisture build-up inside the wall or roof system whether from leaks or condensation. BattenVents are rigid, non-compressive and easy to handle.

BattenVents are easy to cut and easy to install. Standard sizes are 2-3/8” wide X 2 ply, 3 ply or 4 ply thicknesses as shown above. Other widths that are stock 1½”, 3½”, 4” and 5”. Custom sizes are available in width and thicknesses. These BattenVents can be used for Cedar Roofing, all types of siding for air and drainage, used on top of rafters below the roof deck to gain cross ventilation, on fascia boards to gain intake ventilation, and as a finished perimeter vent for Cedar-Breather type products which are above roof ventilation for cedar roof shingles.

How does BattenVent work?

BattenVent is made of a corrugated material that allows air to pass through channels from one side to another. BattenVent works in conjunction with your overall ventilation system by providing the necessary passages for the transfer of air from intake to exhaust.

Measurements of BattenVent

Measurements of BattenVent

BattenVent example of plys offered

BattenVent example of plys offered

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