SoffitGuard – Plastic Drip Edge
Stops GUTTER WATER from entering the roof’s edge!
Your 1st Defense to a Leak-Proof Roof

  • Bend SoffitGuard over roof edge and fascia tightly to seal the joint. Nail it.
  • Ice shield over the roof flange and gutter over the fascia flange. That is Easy!
  • Stops water, snow, insects, bees, wasps, ants, stink bugs from getting in attics!
  • Protects the attic from environmental hazards for the lifetime of the home.
  • Replaces your existing metal drip edge with a new plastic drip edge!
  • SoffitGuard comes in three foot sections for easy installation.

Soffitguard protects the fascia from water overflow from the source of most leaks, the gutter.

Problem area for most homes

Directions for SoffitGuard

1. Ensure no shingles are on the roof before the SoffitGuard is to be installed. Apply the Product to the wood roof deck and the fascia board (half and half). The gutter will be attached TO THE FACE of the SoffitGuard, so the Product will be behind the gutter when complete. The route is installed against the joint of the roof/fascia. Use a utility knife (razor knife) to cut product.

2. Fold SoffitGuard by hand so the route is inside the bending area. Make it a full 360 degree fold with the solid plastic on the outer surface of the bend and the routed groove on the inside of the bend. Shingle roof after installation.

3. Allow the SoffitGuard to relax and form a natural bend that is nearly a 90 degree right angle. It will form to the roof/fascia angle once placed on the roof and fascia evenly. Use minimum 1-1/4” roofing nails to secure to roof/fascia.

4. Starting flush with the side rake fascia, place SoffitGuard even with outside surface of rake fascia. Nail each flange every 6 inches starting 1” from each edge. Butt all pieces tightly together until reaching the opposite roof edge. Underlayment covers the roof flange completely. Gutter covers fascia flange.

SoffitGuards are available through most distribution channels and if not readily available we ask that you contact us directly @ 800-622-4455


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