FasciaVent allows air to enter through the fascia board, under the roof decking and out the ridge vent or other installed exhaust device.
Your gutter can be installed directly onto FasciaVent. FasciaVent is ideal for roofs that are less than 4/12 pitch.

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FaciaVent sspecifications sheet

FasciaVent provides maximum intake ventilation for low slope to flat roofs. Click the image to the left to download the specifications sheet.

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Coastal Contractor

FasciaVent featured in Coastal Contractor – May 2004 “Roof Ventilation for Coastal Homes ” ~Mike Guertin

How to ventilate your home safely and efficiently along the coastal regions.
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Fascia Vent Revolutionizes Metal and Asphalt Industry!

Focusing on the importance of roof intake ventilation and concerned about the growing number of litigation cases
against large established roofing companies & manufacturers regarding mold and moisture issues, DCI Products
Inc. introduces FasciaVent for the metal & asphalt roofing industry. FasciaVent installed on asphalt or metal roofing
allows cooler air to enter through the fascia traveling under the entire roof decking structure and
out the preferred ridge vent or other exhaust apparatus.

DCI promised that the company would address the growing metal roofing industry with patented intake ventilation
products that would satisfy new and retrofit jobs. FasciaVent reduces the roof top lift up that hinders
long rigid metal panel installations, yet is easily installed prior to roof shingle or panel installation. FasciaVent has a NFA rating of 9 square inches per linear foot.




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Building Science expert engineer Dr. Joseph Lstibuerk explains the physics associated with vented and unvented attics. Breaking down complex topics into humorous, easy to understand steps, he gives builders and insulation contractors the knowledge they need to build correctly in any climate zone around the world.

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