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SmartVent Tapered End Caps

are 10.5″ square tapered ventilation pieces that seamlessly blend with US RoofVent & Smartvent to give the roof a more aesthetic and clean finish to your intake ventilation project.
SmartVent Tapered End Caps

The patented SmartVent Tapered End Cap can be installed Right Side or Left Side, as you begin your  US RoofVent & SmartVent run or end the run. Designed with the contractor in mind, this easy to install end cap makes working with US RoofVent & SmartVent  simple and cost effective. Use it to end a run near a dormer, valley, hip, chimney or skylight.

The SmartVent Tapered End Cap ‘tapers’ the SmartVent  & US RoofVent back down to the roof. All that you need to do is nail it down to the roof. Period! The fabric is already attached at the factory for right hand or left hand installations.

SmartVent Tapered End Caps were originally introduced to the roofing industry as SmartVent Tapered End Caps.

As time and testing have proven this end cap can be used with most over eave intake vents on the market.

These end caps provide a smooth transition from vent to roof deck. This assures that the shingles will not only look aesthetically clean, but minimizes the wear and possible cracking of the shingles.


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SmartVent Tapered End CapsStep 1– Ensure the 1” roof cutout was completed to 12” before the end of the run and the metal drip edge was previously installed. Nail the Universal Tapered End Cap as shown with the bottom edge flush with the drip edge. Leave about 3” to 6” of roof deck showing from the wall. Nail at all four corners using nails that penetrate through the roof sheathing.


Step 2– Butt the US RoofVent or SmartVent  section against the SmartVent Tapered End Cap tightly and nail per your vent directions.

SmartVent Tapered End Caps


Step 3– Continue installing the remaining US RoofVent or SmartVent over the roof deck sheathing and previously installed drip edge.


Step 4– Install 36” wide ice shield only over the US RoofVent or SmartVent Tapered End Cap tight against side wall and continuously across the roof. Keep 36” ice shield flush to the SV lift edge which will cover the entire top surface of the vent.

SmartVent Tapered End Caps



Step 5– Ensure the ice shield is only over the vent and tight against the wall for eave edge installations.

SmartVent Tapered End Caps

Step 6– Install wall step flashing over ice shield and up the wall. Allow a ½” to 1” eave edge overhang for shingles. Ensure step flashing is installed at each shingle course.


Step 7– Install starter course and shingles with a ½” to 1” overhang beyond the lift edge of the US RoofVent or SmartVent. Ensure step flashing is installed at each course with the proper coverage.

Step 8– Continue installing tar paper and shingles up the roof with step flashing. The SmartVent Tapered End Cap slopes the shingles down to the level of the wall flashing as shown.

SmartVent Tapered End Caps

Note: When using the SmartVent Tapered End Cap on a mid-roof application, leave about a 12” space between hips and valleys so not to interfere with the flashing or cap shingles installation.

Using the Universal Tapered End Cap should be easy and effective. Always ensure ice shield installs over the vent and carries at least 12” beyond the end when possible.