“These days, the best available vent baffle is probably the SmartBaffle, which is made from polyethylene.”~GreenBuildingAdvisor.com



SmartBaffle is constructed of non-collapsing material with lifetime durability. Ease of installation by the contractor is achieved by the design, engineering and technology inherent in the baffle product.



Committing ourselves to the design, manufacture and marketing efforts required to accomplish our goals makes our success story a major part of your success story. Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, architect, engineer or a building supply yard, our innovative product solutions will help you reach your required goals. Goals that should include: energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, environmental friendliness, warranty compliance, and ease of installation. Our in house building experts are ready to help you solve the issues you may come across. Feel free to discuss any questions that you may have regarding our product solutions, whether it is installation questions, usage questions, cost comparisons or structural engineering questions. Or you may have your building professional call us directly.

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Since 1990, DCI Products has been manufacturing and developing ‘cutting’ edge technology for the roofing industry.
Our goals are simple:

To Design, Create & Innovate new building products and techniques that solve the issues of today’s changing construction environment.

Keeping our building products with Green Building Standards in mind, and

Satisfying the ease of job site installation while not compromising the integrity of our building products.


SmartVent is a tapered, under shingle plastic product designed for installation along the soffit edge of the roof or the facing edge of dormer rakes and goes virtually unnoticed.


SmartRIdge I single-sided exhaust ventilation

SmartRidge I

SmartRidge I’s unique design results in perfectly clean roof lines instead of the sloppy shingle lift most flexible, rolled ridge vents leave behind. DCI Products has a full line of nail gunnable ridgevents to solve all your ventilation needs.


SmartRidge II

SmartRidge II is the 1st rigid, corrugated ridge vent with an exterior weather guard that is literally taking the ridge vent market by storm! This patented external weather guard only allows air to flow through the vent.


SmartRidge II double-sided ridge vent
ValleyVent for cross ventilation


ValleyVent is an under-plywood, top-of-rafter vent easily installed during the construction of an addition or a new home. The ValleyVent provides adequate ventilation in the spaces to either side of the vent placement.




“We started to use the SmartVent and SmartRidge II because we can use both products together as a matching intake and exhaust system on every house! This assures the customer they are getting the proper ventilation.”

Charles Corey

Corey & Corey

“The biggest advantage of SmartVent is that we don’t have to destroy the existing soffit to get proper airflow. It is also easier to install SmartVent on the roof, than to deal with cutting the fascia board and re-pitching the gutter to use a vented drip edge.”

Don Dodson

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