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SmartRidge I single-sided ridge vent with external baffle

SmartRidge One siphons 100% attic air

SmartRidge I is an externally baffled ridge vent with a lift side and a no-lift side that is revolutionizing how ridge ventilation works. Using its unique patented design and installation method, SmartRidge I single sided ridge vent eliminates the most prevalent and unsightly problem with ridge vents, No Street Side Lift!

U.S. Patent # 6447392


Because of the one sided design, unsightly ridge lift is eliminated from the street side of the house. This results in perfectly clean roof lines instead of the sloppy shingle lift most ridge vents leave behind. Use SmartRidge I on standard pitch roofs. Or use on a rear low slope dormer roof with a steep slope front roof. The low slope roof applies a waterproof underlayment or rubber rolled roofing directly OVER the no-lift side of the vent and is terminated above the lift side using nails. This design application ensures a weather tight seal at the low slope ridge yet allows BOTH attic spaces to ventilate out each side of the ridge beam. This waterproofing  seals the low slope ridge side even in cold climate zones with heavy snow loads.

But don’t be fooled by its appearance. SmartRidge I low profile lift (only 7/8 inch) on the ridge is barely noticeable from the ground level. What’s more, if you think a one-sided ridge vent will only provide half the ventilation capacity of two-sided ridge vents, think again! The proof is in the physics of air flow technology.

SmartRidge I provides equal  venting capacity as its two sided competition. You see, two sided ridge vents have cross air flow which travels right through the vent providing less attic DRAW (50% DRAW). SmartRidge I acts like a straw sucking air from the soffits because there is no cross ventilation at the ridge vent area (100% DRAW).  And, because there is less material in SmartRidge I, it costs less than other ridge vents. If you still prefer the double sided ridge vent concept, DCI Products manufactures SmartRidge II.


Smart Design

SmartRidge one airflowSmartRidge I’s unique design results in perfectly clean roof lines instead of the sloppy shingle lift most flexible, rolled ridge vents leave behind. DCI Products has a full line of nail gunnable ridge vents to solve all your ventilation needs.

Because of the one-sided lift, air is piped out continuously like a chimney. Two sided lifts “short circuit” the chimney effect because air simply is moving from one side of the vent to the other side, removing less attic air than a single lift.

SmartRidge I’s low lift (only 3/4″) on the backside of the house is barely noticeable from ground level. It’s
one-sided design provides equal or greater ventilation than it’s competition and since there’s less material required,
it costs less than other vents.

How does SmartRidge I Work?

Using normal soffit vents or DCI’s SmartVent system, cooler air enters the attic at the soffit level and is drawn up and out of the SmartRidge I vent. SmartRidge I single sided venting creates excellent “negative air pressure” causing hot attic air to be literally pulled out of the house.

The SmartRidge I Advantage

SmartRidge I is a tough, industrial grade plastic that is so strong, DCI Products warrants SmartRidge I for the life of your shingles. Plus we stand behind our products with superior customer service, installation instructions, product information, distribution and marketing to make SmartRidge I the preferred choice of builders, roofing contractors and homeowners.

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Various Applications for SmartRidge I

Dormer peak application for SmartRidge
Flat roof application for SmartRidge

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