DCI Products Standing Seam Vent for metal roofing

For 12″, 16″ and custom ridge vent exhaust

  • Prevents entry of rain, snow & sleet

  • Pre-cut for perfect fit between ribs

  • Virtually invisible and crush resistant

  • Guards against insects, rodents & debris.

The Standing Seam Vent (SS-Vent) is available for any thickness, width, length and rib angle for your particular roof panels. But some common sizes are stocked at DCI such as the 2.75”W X 7/8”H vent that comes in 12” and 16” lengths with rib angles precut. Each Standing Seam Vent (SS-Vent) can be pre-mitered at our factory for easy fit between each standing seam on the metal roof or supplied to you at 37” lengths for on site cutting.

It’s easy to cut the length and angle using a standard electric miter saw. Simply let us know the preferred thickness and we will supply the 37” X 2-3/4” stick pieces for you to cut to length on the job. Or you tell us any size you require and we will make the vents to your specs.

The DCI Standing Seam vent can be used at the Ridge, Shed Roof or at the Roof-to-Wall locations as exhaust for standing seam roof panels. Looking for strong, durable, contractor friendly products? Well you are at the right place! All DCI products are built tough with the contractor in mind.



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Standing Seam vents provide the perfect exhaust for metal, standing seam roofs.

Do you have questions about which product is right your home? Call DCI Products for assistance • 800-622-4455 or email us @ info@dciproducts.com

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