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Here are some proven ways to increase sales


We at DCI have spoken with tens of thousands of roofing contractors over years and we find that most successful companies had these common traits. 

Listen. What issues led the customer to get an estimate for a new roof? What are the concerns about costs? Listening is critical. Customers need to know that you are noting all their concerns.

Appearence. If you appear too casual, your customer may assume that is how you approach your business. You are the face of the entire company when you meet a new customer so show them you care about your appearance and they will feel more at ease about how you will treat the appearance of their home.

Sales. Give your customer multiple options when quoting a job. This is a big investment they are making so give them options without asking what there budget may be. This will let the customer know that you can do the work that will fit their financial situation.

Be on time. Arrive early, and always be on time. Do not schedule other meetings too close together. Show that you value their time and adjust to their schedule when needed.

Reviews. The more positive reviews you can generate from finished projects the better. Provide your customers with links to different places to leave ratings. Solicit reviews from neighboring homes and businesses. Roofing is not a quiet project and understanding your surroundings will generate good feedback.

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