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SmartVent – Frequently Asked Questions
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Do Ice dams back up under the SmartVent?

No.  Because of the design and installation of the product. The SmartVent has passed the New England Ice Dam Test, which is where we created an ice dam and iced and thawed the product repeatedly and there was no sign of water or ice backing up at all, let alone up 6” where the slit is. Also, the SmartVent has been installed for over 20 years in the coldest areas of the US & Canada without any issues with the cold weather and ice dams.

When you install the SmartVent, you measure up 6?-7? from the metal drip edge and cut a 1? continuous slit.  Then install SmartVent. Next, install the ice and water shield membrane on top of the SmartVent. Then put on your starter course and shingle over it.  The drip edge at the fascia board under the SmartVent product is important to protect where the roof decking meets the fascia board. The ice shield on top of the SmartVent is very important because it protects the top of the SmartVent in the case a leak occurred above the product.

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Can you apply SmartVent to other places on the roof?

Yes. SmartVent can be installed at key areas on the roof where ventilation is required or needed. SmartVent can be installed at the ridge on low-sloped roofs or under any shingle coarse from soffit to ridge.  This is an incredible advantage to our product.  SmartVent is by far the most versatile ventilation product on the market because it is the only ventilation product that allows you to get ventilation on basically any part of your home that is necessary or that you feel looks best. Below are some of the ways that SmartVent can be installed. Return to Top of Page

Can SmartVent be installed even if there are perforated soffits already installed?

Yes.  SmartVent can still be installed even with perforated soffits because you can really never have too much intake ventilation.  The ridge vent is going to be your controlling factor so it will still suck air from both the SmartVent and the perforated soffits. Return to Top of Page

Does SmartVent effect shingles in the high winds?

No. This was a bonus when we put SmartVent through the Dade County 110 mph wind driven rain test.  Because SmartVent acts as intake, it actually sucks the shingles down to the roof because of the high velocity wind going through the SmartVent causing a downward draw on the shingles. That’s great news for Floridians.

Florida experiences some of the worst winds during hurricane seasons that many of us never have to worry about.  Fittingly, the Dade County Test is a test of high winds to determine how well a product reacts under extreme circumstances.  SmartVent passed this test with flying colors.  It will not effect shingles regular function. Return to Top of Page

When and how would you install the Drip Edge?

When DCI engineered the SmartVent product, standard techniques for roofing were not changed or modified. Therefore, install the drip edge against the wood facia and wood roof deck, then cut the slit measuring from the corner of the drip edge, then install SmartVent.

Some roofing technicians prefer a second drip edge on top of the SmartVent which is not required. (If the second drip edge is used, ensure a 3/4” space remains between the flashings and the SmartVent. We at DCI do NOT recommend a second drip edge.) Return to Top of Page

What is the NFA(Net Free Area)?

9 (nine) is the NFA per foot.  So, with SV on both sides 9 and 9 equals 18 square inches per foot, which will match or exceed any ridge vent out there. Return to Top of Page

What is the CFM(Cubic Feet  per Minute)?

It varies on wind speed but is equal or greater than the required exhaust vents on the market when used at the soffits.   CFM is very hard to compare apples to apples because of all the different variables.  Everything would need to be exactly the same for the tests:  Outside and Inside Temp., Pressure, wind, same ridge vent, same shingles, same inside living space conditions, same sun rays, etc. etc. etc……..That is why we feel that the industry has chosen NFA to compare products.  Return to Top of Page

Can this product be used with an air gun?

Yes. SmartVent was designed to be user friendly on the jobsite, nail gun stable and cuts with a razor knife.  You can stand on the product under the shingles after it is installed.  We demonstrate in our slide show video online and on cd. Return to Top of Page

What other Roofs can SmartVent be used on?

Virtually any roof style, shape or design.  It has been installed on Asphalt, Cedar, Slate, Tile, Metal, and can be used pretty much any roof out there with a minimum 4/12 pitch. Return to Top of Page

What is the warranty on SmartVent?  

SmartVent has a lifetime warranty of the roof shingles.
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How do I calculate my ventilation needs?   

We recommend that you refer to our Ventilation Calculator to approximate your required amount of ventilation. Since every house is different it is best that you consult your local roofing professional for more precise answers.
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Will SmartVent get clogged?

No, it won’t.  The SmartVent fabric is different than other fabrics used on the market for vents.

It is a mix of nylon and polyester that sheds the dirt or debris throughout the seasons, allowing for air to flow freely.   The SmartVent has been on the market for over 15 years with no issues due to the fabric clogging.  We are also listed and approved through ICC (International Code Council), which approves it’s use for all local building codes.  They did their own three year period of testing, including weatherization testing, dust exposure testing, fire testing and others.  After all this testing, not only did these tests not break the SmartVent fabric down at all, it had little to no effect on the airflow through the vent.  Check out this video if you have about five minutes, it goes over a lot of information about the SmartVent but importantly the testing –
Click here for the SmartVent testing informational video

SmartVent is a tapered, under shingle plastic product designed for installation
along the soffit edge of the roof or the facing edge of dormer rakes and goes virtually unnoticed. It allows air to
flow freely through the 1″ roof decking slit providing more than adequate soffit ventilation to maximize ridge
vent effectiveness. This is extremely important since most ridge vent products require an equal amount of ventilation at the soffit in
order to work properly. SmartVent, when used at both soffits, has a total NFA rating of 18 sq. in. (or 9 sq. in. on each side of a standard gable roof). Return to Top of Page

Click here for SmartVent Specifications

Most houses with ridge vents do not have the proper soffit ventilation required because attic insulation blocks the
soffit vents. SmartVent allows cooler air to enter under the shingle, through the 1″ roof slit and out the ridge
vent providing superior air flow and attic cooling.
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